1 Million Cups

Iowa City / Cedar Rapids

Join us for 1 Million Cups Iowa City / Cedar Rapids
every Wednesday at 9 a.m. alternating city locations

Iowa City :: ThincLab 122 E Market Street, Iowa City, IA 52242 Get Directions
Cedar Rapids :: Vault Coworking Space 415 12th Ave SE, Suite 201, Cedar Rapids, IA 52401 Get Directions

It’s happening right now!

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Meet the Organizers

Aaron Horn @hornit

All around tech enthusiast, #elisarmy dad, certified scrum master and dedicated Cyclone in Hawkeye country.

David Tominsky @Tominsky

Iowa Startup Accelerator Program Manager, Startup Weekend Organizer, Imagination Iowa Founder and CoderDojo Mentor

Sarah Binder @sarahebinder

Digital journalist and startup enthusiast. Thinking about how media interacts with community at We Create Here.

Past Organizers
Amanda Styron
Andy Stoll @andystoll
Kris Fassler @krisfassler
Samantha Ferm

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Dreamers, Builders, Movers, Shakers, Non-Conformists and Entrepreneurs. They all start here.

The Iowa Startup Accelerator is an intense 90-day program built with Midwestern work ethic at its core.

Past Presenters

I own an online women's clothing boutique and will be expanding into children's clothing as well. Appealing to that "functional fashion" that so many of us need when we have so many events scheduled on any given day!

Family caregivers fill a critical need in our healthcare system. Yet virtually no healthcare resources are used to support caregivers. Caregivers are often completely overwhelmed by the newfound duties, and are hesitant to ask for help because they don't know they can ask for help, or feel ashamed or embarrassed. CareDrop provides coaching, content and a social mobile app to connect volunteers to caregivers.

Career & Company


Career and Company recommends careers based on your interests and abilities, provides guidance toward your goals, and matches you with the right opportunities once you cross the finish line.

Workplace Revolution


Workplace (R)evolution is a one-day conference developed after more than three years of industry surveys conducted by ICAD Group and Diversity Focus. These two organizations tracked survey data on quality of life, labor demographics, and workforce recruiting initiatives in the Creative Corridor and found that today's workers have a choice in companies, locations and communities, and workplace culture plays a key role in employee recruitment, retention and engagement.

Specialisterne Midwest is a non-profit that recruits, assesses, trains and hires individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder for detail-oriented occupations. We work with businesses looking to access a remarkable labor pool. Our work has focused on software testing and quality assurance.



Learning apps & games for iPhone/iPad, Android and Windows. Made an iPad app, Social Emotional Exchange, for kids with Autism. This app help kids recognize and express emotions by learning facial expression.



GentlemenCare is a premium men’s accessory label that invokes the nostalgia of the 1930’s. Our goals are to provide the highest quality premium men’s accessory items at an affordable price, while at the same time, aiming to bring back the chivalrous, charismatic, and philanthropic qualities that we believe our generation lacks. We believe the modern day definition of gentleman tends to be more focused on appearance, and less focused on the chutzpa that the chivalrous man once had.

The Autistic Edge TM


Creating a web based app based time management system for college students so they can stay focused on small tasks to complete bigger tasks. And not fail out of college in the meantime.

Corridor Characters


This is more of an idea so far than a company. Eventually this site will tell stories of interesting people from the "creative corridor" through photos, text, and video. Think Humans of New York, only better and local.



Text message based communication tool that increases customer engagement through the entire service process, ultimately leading to less communication errors and greater customer trust.

Achievement Engine


Funding life's Goals. We help you earn financial rewards when you complete sponsored achievements.

100+ Who Care - Hawkeye Chapters, Cedar Rapids Chapters


'Simple concept, big impact.' 100+ Who Care groups gather more than 100 people to donate $100 in a meeting lasting less than 100 minutes, creating an immediate financial impact of more than $10,000 on the local community. Similar to groups of its kind around North America, local chapters in the Creative Corridor have had greater financial impact than any of their kind.

Giving Tree Theater


Our Mission: Great Stories, Big Heart. Our Vision:To be the best little arts organization in the region, committed to sharing profits with local human services organizations, as we shine a refreshed spotlight on truly great stories. Giving Tree's programming is driven by classic stories that you've heard of, know about, or will be glad you did after you've seen a show. We are committed to reintroducing titles and stories that will be as comfortable as the comfiest couch in the theater. Yes, we said couch.

100+ Who Care - Hawkeye Chapters, Cedar Rapids Chapters


'Simple concept, big impact.' 100+ Who Care groups gather more than 100 people to donate $100 in a meeting lasting less than 100 minutes, creating an immediate financial impact of more than $10,000 on the local community. Similar to groups of its kind around North America, local chapters in the Creative Corridor have had greater financial impact than any of their kind.

Web and mobile application for kids ages 9-15 where they can share their problems anonymously online to gain the support from other kids around the world to feel happy again.

Red Ball Printing


We are a custom screen printing and embroidery shop that also offers graphic design services. We also have a retail outlet featuring our brand Bike Rags; which is casual cycling apparel printed with reflective inks on bamboo t-shirts.



Scientifidy helps people make intelligent and informed buying decisions and remove the feeling of buyer’s remorse. It's an online collaborative platform that is going to revolutionize how we research products and make buying decisions. Think of it as kind of like a Yelp for consumer goods in the $100 on up range. People sign up and register their products to start tracking things like: parts that break or wear out, time spent maintaining and cleaning, and cost of repairs or maintenance, etc. The platform will provide charts that will show a user’s data compared to the average of everyone else for the "product life span" and "cost of ownership" which is based on time and dollars you invest to keep the product running like new. This is hard data, which can be used to show why one brand or product is better than another and not based on someone's opinion. This is data that is tracked over the life of the product and not based on what you think of it at the time of purchase. This is information manufactures will pay for.

Woofables, The Gourmet Dog Bakery


Gourmet dog biscuits made from scratch, using natural ingredients with care.



Invent, design and develop cases and other unique accessories that securely hold tech devices like ipod/mp3 players, cell phones, earbuds, vapor pipes, and cord plugs.

A full-service, quality, creative, wine-centric small plates restaurant serving dinner, lunch and Sunday Brunch in a warm but sophisticated atmosphere.

BLU Creative


BLU Creative is a visual communications agency based in Iowa City Iowa and founded in 2013. It has three main divisions: a clothing collection, a creative agency and a retail store. BLU Creative is a full lifestyle menswear collection and is distributed locally in Iowa with plans to distribute nationwide. BLU Creative mixes street-minded sensibilities with high-end fashion. BLU creative is a consulting firm that has worked with many brands locally and nationally helping small and corporate business improve.

Launch Services


Launch Services provides accounting and financial services to startup companies in Eastern Iowa.



BizInnovator.com is an online entrepreneurship curriculum for high school business teachers and students. Teachers pay $99 for an annual license that allows them to have students login and have access to videos, activities, business model canvas and other resources. Teachers can also sign up for an online course that provides them with certification necessary to be able to provide University of Iowa college credit to qualified juniors and seniors in their class.

Wa2do connects you with what to do and who to do it with based on your selected interests and geolocation. It is a more informal version of Meetup

Ruminate makes eco-friendly wifi connected smart lamps that learn when to be on, connect you with your home, and provide notifications for events you set up. Your kids get off the school bus at 3:30? get a notification when they walk in the door. Worried about the pipes freezing on vacation? get a notification when the temperature in your home falls below 50 degrees. Want to make sure your elderly parents are up and around? get a notification when they're not. Smart lamps for your busy life.

ShoelaceJobs brings students to the job they want, and businesses to the employees they need.



JobScreenr is an application the helps hiring managers make better hiring decisions faster

Moxie Solar


Full service solar analysis, grant writing, installation, and service for the midwest's solar needs.

Beat Cancer Today, Inc.


Beat Cancer Today’s mission is to create awareness of childhood cancers and to provide financial support for childhood cancer research, and for patient and family support programs. Formed by Iowa families whose children have been diagnosed with childhood cancer, Beat Cancer Today raises funds through t-shirt, bracelet, and hoodie sales and special events. Beat Cancer Today then distributes the proceeds to Children’s Cancer Connection, Children’s Oncology Group, and the University of Iowa Dance Marathon.

Dev Iowa


Dev/Iowa is growing Iowa's technical community. Dev/Iowa currently offers targeted technology training with weekend workshops, guest speakers and an intensive summer bootcamp.



We make an app called OverUnder. It is simple trivia for social people. People in social gatherings (parties) can enthusiastically entertain themselves by assigning a value to a trivia question vocally (setting the line) and then participants passionately own "Over" or "Under" the line as their guess. The group decides how scoring (drinking, money, points, etc) is or isn't done. Trivia categories include Celebrity Ages, Historical Events, Suggested Retail Price, Population, Distances, etc.



Subscribr is a web application allowing businesses to efficiently track and manage all of their subscription services, thus enabling them to save time and money. By making the process to build a custom dashboard as simple as forwarding an invoice once, Subscribr ensures businesses can maintain full awareness of subscriptions that may not be efficiently used, build a summary of expenditures at the end of each month, and even receive recommendations of other potentially useful services.



Bloomsnap provides a quick purchase for people buying flowers online while serving as an important communication tool for florists. The website is designed to capture the core details of the order, such as the customer's budget and the occasion. We assign that order with delivery to a florist in their city. Local shops no longer have to match pictures of floral arrangements that may not be in stock as they create the open orders from Bloomsnap.

Ellison Eyewear, INC


Ellison Eyewear is an art inspired, socially driven, luxury eyewear company. We design and manufacture handmade eyewear and connect customers to artists for an individualized product. We strive to be successful with three main pillars: We obtain the highest quality materials imported from Italy, lens from Carl Zeiss, all handmade in Greece; we reward and promote the artists who design our cases; we donate towards the fight against preventable blindness. We believe everyone is original. With each product we collaborate with a new artist in the design process. With each purchase of our product, Ellison helps to fund the fight against preventable blindness. From the hands that crafted the frames to the artist who designed the box. These sunglasses have a story, and now its your job to continue that story.



Sports teams and entertainment venues collect data on 8 percent of ticker holders, which keeps them from selling empty seats. Fanstreamm offers a set of tools that allows them to treat every fan as and individual. The first of which is making group tickets remarkably easy.

Honest Living LLC


Jackie's education has equipped her with extensive knowledge in holistic nutrition, health coaching, and preventive health. Drawing on these skills and her knowledge of different dietary theories, she work with clients to help them make lifestyle changes that produce real and lasting results. Honest Living is devoted to education about clean, local, fresh produce and how to be healthy in body, mind and soul. Shero is an extension of Honest Living. It is focused on women and events.

Western Wise

(under construction)

For international students studying in the United States and the parents who support them, Western Wise offers a platform for connecting with trained mentors providing academic and professional consulting. Western Wise focuses on a system of feedback, delivered to both the parents and students through a gamified incentive system.

Kids Calendar


The Kids Calendar provides an easy way for parents to discover programs and services for families in their community.



We are an online farmers market that connects end consumers directly to farmers.



Venuefox is a guided event planning service that helps people find venues and other services to make their next meeting or event a success. We take the hassle out of event planning.



Trusted Online Advisor Offering Personalized Renting Solutions



Our mission at Re-APP is to enable the world to measure and track their commitments to being green – one item at a time. We believe that people can, and do, hold each other accountable for the future. As an Iowa-based company, Re-APP leverages local resources to develop solutions that include several convenient services for tracking consumption. We are working with individuals, communities, businesses, non-profits, and corporations to help them visualize their impacts on our world.



We will be in Cedar Rapids. Learn more. We develop infrastructure that allows a fleet of drones to be up in air for 24/7.

Cardiovate Inc


Cardiovate is a medical technology company whose goal is to develop a next generation vascular regeneration technology to improve cardiovascular disease intervention outcomes by reducing failure rate and decreasing the total cost of care. Cardiovate is focused on the development and commercialization of technology that has the benefits of a synthetic with the physiological outcomes of a biologic to better address the needs of tissue regeneration.

Lions Den Mobile


Lions Den Mobile is a full service consulting and development company creating multi-platform mobile apps that can be released to Google Play and the App Store at the same time to give you a solution no matter what type of device you or your customers are using.

Brew Data LLC


Brew Data LLC is a start-up company located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. We are primarily a manufacturer of electronic devices, but we also provide data services. Brew data is organized into three product groups: sensors, primarily solid state temperature probes control systems with a web based interface “fat neon” LED signs We specialize in products for the craft brewing industry but hope to branch out into other markets.

Farm Manuals Fast


Whether it is for the tractor or the combine or any of the other implements eventually a farmer loses the operator's manual for one of their machines. Farm Manuals Fast is there for farmers when this happens. Before Farm Manuals Fast a farmer would have to purchase a reprinted manual taking days or weeks to arrive. Now farmers can download the manual they need directly from the internet and either print it out or view it on their smartphone or tablet.

pxAlpha, LLC


A medical device start up developing technology to improve outcomes and quality of life for cancer patients.

Sweet Raw Joy


Sweet Raw Joy was born out of a love for sharing raw dessert creations with friends and family and looking for a way to enjoy the sweet things in life without the sugar crash and undoing all of one's exercise efforts. Sweet Raw Joy features whole, living, vital, nutritionally active nuts, seeds, oils, fruits, and vegetables that actually change the environment of your body; helping to maintain a hydrated, healthy, and balanced body to support total health and repel disease.

Edible Innovations, LLC


developing an OCR menu translation mobile app that visually translate food names on menus for international travelers



Spectator is an app and website that centralizes high school sports information with a goal to reconnect alumni, shine light on student athletes and enhance in-game experience. The app and website will include schedules, rosters, game results, player stats, and live scoring.

Cosmo Finger Guard


A patented cut resistant specialty glove designed to protect hairdressers and barbers from accidental cuts when using shears. This was conceived in Cedar Rapids, IA.



Nico Aguilar and his team of UI health, business, and computer science students are on a mission to help young professionals maximize their public speaking potential. The team is creating a mobile app called SPEEKO that tracks a speaker’s filler words, speech pacing, and energy level to provide a custom layer of analysis and actionable feedback. Like wearable fitness trackers that give users real-time data on their activity, the app plays into the concept of the quantified self and personal improvement.

Clubfoot Solutions


The mission of Clubfoot Solutions is to free the world of untreated clubfoot. We have patented an affordable brace that is imperative to the success of the Ponseti Method of clubfoot treatment. Current braces cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars which precludes their purchase and use in developing countries. Are brace is start of the art and will cost a fraction of the cost of current braces.



We help to easily and privately connect family and friends from all generations by bringing all levels of tech capabilities to the same playing field. GenerationFuse is a liaison and a filter. Our mission is to connect the elderly, and relay the most important information from social media enthusiasts to email loyalists.

This weeks event will be at Vault Coworking at 222 3rd St SE in downtown Cedar Rapids, on the 5th floor of the Guaranty Bank building.

Field FX


I've been pursuing research in neural nets, machine vision and quantum theory for over four decades. In light of recent developments, the time seems ripe to move from the chalkboard to the workbench.

This weeks event will be at CoLab at 316 E. Court St in Iowa City



FullStack (formerly Cramer Dev) helps startups and innovative enterprises build better interactive products. We leverage a multidisciplinary approach that involves experience & visual design, application development, product management, and agile project management techniques. Combined, this approach reduces complexity and risks typically associated with building quality mobile and web products.

Intrepid Real Estate


Intrepid is a small real estate brokerage focused on integrity, common sense, flexibility and mobility. Big company marketing and presence with small business personalization and service. We operate from co-working spaces throughout the Creative Corridor and serve buyers, sellers and investors from Iowa City to Cedar Rapids and in between.

McNary Marketing & Design LLC


McNary Marketing & Design LLC exists to solve marketing and business problems by use of technology. Founder Joshua McNary works to mesh his extensive business strategy, technology, and corporate savvy to provide solutions to clients’ most pressing problems. The company provides business, sales, marketing, strategy, design, and web development support to help small- and medium-sized business, start-ups, and organizations grow.

Cedar Rapids Public Library


This week's event will be held at the Cedar Rapids Public Library in downtown Cedar Rapids.

Cycle Studios


We serve startups, health and fitness, and technology companies with brand development and strategy, web design, UI/UX design, and video production.

Major Trading Cards


Major Trading Cards provides a simple mobile marketing platform for sports teams to reach fans inside and outside of the stadium to increase loyalty and retention. We do this by converting a team's mobile app into a data collecting and revenue generating mechanism. What you get are more loyal and engaged fans.

Offspring is a mobile app developer that is committed to making the storing and sharing of precious memories quick and easy. Recognizing that our children grow up way too fast and our lives are so busy that we often forget to note the special events and feelings as we experience them, the Offspring team developed a mobile app to help us capture these special moments.

Diamondback, LLC


Diamondback, LLC is a R&D firm committed to one goal: to revolutionize home laundry systems in the way that microwave ovens changed baking from a time and energy intensive process to a quick and easy cooking or baking process. The company is currently working with CIRAS and Iowa State's ME Capstone Project to design and develop a technology that will not only enhance cleaning performance, but, more importantly, increase the energy efficiency of front load washing machines.

Matthew 25


M25's Mission- Unite, Empower, Change Lives! M25 envisions a thriving, connected community where people are valued and talents are multiplied. Our areas of focus are: Neighborhood Building, Cultivate Hope and Youth Empowerment. We are creative social entrepreneurs. In our seven years we've created the Cedar Rapids Tool Library, the state's first urban farm, Block by Block, Groundswell Youth Arts Center, school gardening programs and more.



IntroEngine connects you to the people you want to meet by combining the social networks of your biggest advocates. Quickly form groups and share LinkedIn, Facebook, and Email connections with the group. Request multiple introductions from group members simultaneously without revealing any contact information. Expand your network through inferred connections, based on publicly available information.

Iowa Startup Accelerator


A 90-day accelerator focused on bringing up to 10 tech startups to Cedar Rapids to work with 100 world-renowned mentors, an intense program, and investors.

Mission Creek Tech and Innovation Conference


The Mission Creek Tech + Innovation Conference (April 4 - 5) celebrates what technology empowers, highlights where tech culture must improve, and showcases what the future may hold. National and regional technologists will gather to explore these themes in the intimate setting of Iowa City.

Memcine Pharmaceuticals Inc


Memcine is working to develop personalized cancer vaccines and needle-free vaccines for infectious diseases based on a proprietary platform technology that targets vaccines for immune cell recognition and mucosal uptake.

Plenable Solution


We specialize in structuring Strategic Alignments, proprietary methodologies to help companies achieve the following in less time and at a lower cost than through traditional approaches: build customers, strengthen loyalty, and grow revenue and profit.

Riders Club of America


Riders Club of America provides a turnkey solution to those with a passion for senior transportation

Monicur, LLC


A business networking app that allows the fast and easy exchange of up-to-date contact information. Think of monicur as a living, breathing digital contact manager.

Ascent is a not-for-profit organization focused on inspiring and growing women owned businesses in the state of Iowa

Bride Meets Wedding, Inc.


An online bridal resource website featuring local wedding information and inspiration for couples tying the knot in Eastern Iowa, and the Tri-State/Northern Illinois areas.

We Create Here


Providing accessible narratives to foster engagement. "We Create Here" is an initiative of the Gazette Company, striving to bring intent, collaboration and context to local media. We are initially focusing on the regional economy, diversity and new ventures.

Jabber Java


Jabber Java is premium coffee, small-batch roasted locally, sold in customizable bags. We sell our coffee exclusively online. It's some of the best (and certainly the freshest) coffee available. Our Roast Master roasts to order and ships it the same day. That's the "Java", but the "Jabber" is what makes our company unique. Our bags speak to you. We like to think of Jabber Java as a caffeinated greeting card. You can say whatever you want and even add your own photo to a bag of Jabber Java!

made community


{made} is a for profit design company. We pride ourselves in our commitment to a karma-friendly supply chain, sourcing good materials, flexible work opportunities, and our local community giveback.

Rocket Referrals


Rocket Referrals runs on autopilot to increase business through generating referrals. It's proprietary Smart Referral Algorithm will find a business's customers and contacts most willing to recommend and then automatically sends them personalized handwritten communication encouraging them to give referrals.

iTR Diagnostics


Our company has developed a quantitative and non-invasive system to detect Parkinson's disease in patients before physical symptoms appear, allowing for earlier, more effective, and less expensive treatments. Our system can also track disease progression for patient care and research purposes. Our customers are (1) doctors, clinics, and hospitals; (2) pharmaceutical companies; and (3) medical researchers.

Promotional Art Videos


We make promotional videos, our services include directing, organizing, planning, filming and editing.



MopedU strives to be the most affordable, convenient and best option for college students and the community to use for all their moped needs.



Nextstep.io aims to help you make sense of your activity data by identifying and tracking the small things that are affecting your physical activity. Combine many different devices and accounts for a single, collective view to help adopt incremental lifestyle changes that have an effect on physical activity.



We are an online resource for all things local, when you need it.



datalooped focuses on capturing engagement and continuing education.

The S.T.E.A.M. Room Fab Lab


This is going to be Iowa's First Fab Lab! Located in Iowa City, it will provide the public with tools and training which is out of reach for the regular consumer, making it possible for anyone to build (almost) anything!



Dibzees is dedicated to providing customers with an entertaining auction experience.



GoodBlogs is a patent pending community blogging software that combines the innovation of user generated content with the power of content marketing.

Kamath Biosciences dba Cardiostrong


Cardiostrong is a new, scientifically formulated fitness and health beverage containing the world's most comprehensive blend of cardiac nutrients, electrolytes, proteins and vitamins. It contains less than 1 gram of sugar and only 10 calories per serving. Cardiostrong is perfect for quenching thirst and improving athletic performance!

Flat-D Innovations Inc


Manufacturer and marketer of odor control products utilizing activated charcoal cloth.

Componica, LLC


We make computers see and think. Componica specializes in algorithmic solutions in computer vision and machine learning for our clients.

Blaze is a web application that helps content strategists and digital marketers evaluate, plan for, and govern multi-channel content.

Legally - Do., LLC, we refer to it as Bogobrush - our product name


Bogobrush is the first toothbrush you'll actually care about. It's beautiful designed, ecologically sound, and socially minded; when you buy one, we give one.

Blue Zones Project Cedar Rapids


The Blue Zones Project™ is a community well-being improvement initiative designed to make healthy choices easier through permanent changes to environment, policy, and social networks.

KB Productions, LLC


Mobile software to make your life easier.

Tutor Universe


Tutor Universe, Inc. is a social marketplace for online tutoring for college students worldwide. The Company is transforming the large and growing private tutoring market by providing a platform that enables knowledge sharing, collaboration, mentoring and tutoring. Tutor Universe utilizes sophisticated matchmaking technology, social networking tools, and online collaboration applications.

The Big Ideas Group


BIG is a cutting edge project-based school designed to give students a rigorous academic experience through an entrepreneurial lens.

Mazira LLC


Mazira is focused on data transformation. We create industry-specific solutions that turn large amounts of data into high-utility information. Our approach focuses on many different aspects of data management, including storage, accessibility, information extraction, categorization, search, visualization, and analytics. Mazira provides complete end to end and workflow solutions and even takes on the challenging task of managing unstructured data.

FxRedux Solutions


FxRedux Solutions provides services to aid in pre-operative planning for articular fracture surgery. The company utilizes its innovative 3D puzzle-solving software and complementary technologies to help surgeons more precisely restore the original anatomy of broken bones. Improved surgical accuracy leads to better joint function and reduced pain for the patient. The FxRedux service delivers to surgeons interactive 3D blueprints of fractured bones and their ideal restoration.

Health Tech Hatch


Health Tech Hatch is a platform supporting healthcare innovation via early concept feedback, problem-solving challenges, and crowdfunding.

Bright Green Strategy


Bright Green Strategy helps companies and organizations understand and manage their unique social and environmental footprints.

Lyrical Labs LLC


Lyrical Labs has developed proprietary encoding technology that allows encoding at comparable video quality at half the bitrate. The solution is available as a cloud service and an on-premises appliance.

Iowa Valley Food Cooperative


We are a direct-to-consumer cooperative of producer and consumer members in the Cedar Rapids/Iowa City area. IVFC is a web-based cooperative where consumers can order products directly from area farmers and other local businesses. IVFC acts as a facilitator, providing a marketplace for all types of local producers, processing orders and payments, and facilitating delivery to consumer members.



BlendCard is a small business marketing platform. Customers register their card to view a list of businesses that have loaded a gift card, free item, discount, or special offer to their BlendCard account. Users simply swipe the card at the participating business to redeem their deal and can earn additional rewards for repeat visits, completing surveys, or sharing deals with friends.

Higher Learning Technologies


We allow students to study for the most important tests of their lives anytime and anywhere through their smartphones/tablets. Our long term goal is to make learning more efficient and effective.

FilmScene is a nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing the cultural vitality of the Iowa City area through the presentation and discussion of film as an art form. With programming that entertains, inspires, and educates, FilmScene works to build and connect the community through film.



clusterFlunk is simply an online platform that allows university students to collaborate with the students that are specifically in their classes. They can upload notes, past exams, study guides, etc, we then archive all of those, turning cF into a searchable database for years past materials.

Bandwidth Pool


Bandwidth Pool is the 'eBay' for business Internet service. Internet companies bid for the chance to provide. Businesses save up to 20%. Instead of an endless search to determine who serves your address, Bandwidth Pool brings the providers to you; many you may not be familiar with. Providers bid for the chance to win and your business saves money. Combine that with Yelp-style reputational reviews of the Internet companies bidding and your Internet purchase decision just got easier... and cheaper.

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